Brainzyme Review — Does It Actually Work?

My name is Lydia, I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh who has a passion for health.

Today, I am reviewing a natural nootropic called Brainzyme.

This post will detail the real-life effects that I felt after trying Brainzyme at work for the first time. I felt it was really helpful because I felt I had greater concentration, productivity, and energy after trying it — without any jitters or restlessness.

Find out all about my experience below…

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What is Brainzyme?

Brainzyme, a UK-made supplement, claims to enhance cognition, concentration, and mental performance. It’s something quite unique to the UK and has generally received good responses from reviews and the media. However, with me, there’s always a degree of scepticism surrounding this kind of product. Plenty of supplements on the market make outlandish claims, and some contain illegal pharmaceuticals that I’m very wary of.

This is part of what interested me about Brainzyme. Contrary to what you might think, Brainzyme is fully compliant with UK regulations, and contains no medications or pharmaceuticals* that you might find in other study drugs. It uses stuff like superfoods, herbals, amino As, vitamins and minerals to provide its effects, not some unregulated drug like Noopept.

Its ingredients have been scientifically researched and so they’re quite well documented. They should all be safe and should provide benefits while remaining natural to limit side effects. But, if the side-effects are low-impact, does that mean the intended effects won’t be strong either? I wanted to find out.

The Pro formula is good for intense revision

First steps of trying Brainzyme

Before lunch a few days ago, I grabbed a handful of Brainzyme pills. 3 in total, a little smaller than the multivitamins I take in the morning. The instructions stipulated that I have them an hour before food, or 90 minutes after — I squeezed them in around 10:30 to give myself plenty of time to process them prior to lunch. I swallowed the capsules with a glass of water and set about writing my next article.

11 rolled up. As did 12. Hours went by, and my fingers flew across my keyboard. But I didn’t feel anything overly intense. I wrote reams, yet I wasn’t in a different state of mind after trying Brainzyme. It drew ever closer to 1, and I didn’t consciously feel as though I had taken a brain pill. I heard stories of people being jittery, wired and over-focused after taking cognitive enhancers, but nothing of the sort really happened for me. I just wrote.

Finally, lunch. I ambled down to my usual café to read and indulge in a chunk of brownie. I opted to avoid coffee, to make sure caffeine wouldn’t interfere with my experiment. Again, I felt the same — I never noticed the pill start to ‘work’, specifically, I just sat down and focused on my book. I felt I could absorb more of what I was reading as if my mind was more focused.

I trotted back to work and found I was still productive. My brain felt clearer than usual when I might have a bit of an after-lunch carb-induced slowness. By 2, when I would usually be in a dip, I felt as though there was less fog over my brain. The fog didn’t specifically ‘lift’, I just didn’t feel like it was there in the first place. I had almost finished writing my article, and following that, my work would be done for the day. I hadn’t expected to complete the 2000 word article until later in the week. My opinion on Brainzyme, at this point, was crystallising.

I’m very passionate about health — that’s why I got interested and decided to review Brainzyme

Getting through the day

At 3 I sat back. A freshly written piece was fermenting on my hard disk, waiting to be edited. In a change of pace before polishing it off, I decided to catch up on emails. At this point, I’d usually be sluggish and occasionally have to re-type a message before sending it. Instead, I seemed more able to organise my thoughts and get on with it. I also find this part of my job a little tedious; I quite often drop off my e-mail client for a few minutes to read an article I half-finished the night before. I think I did that less today — by 3:30, I had caught up on the two-dozen-or-so messages I needed to send. I still didn’t feel particularly buzzed, as one might after an energy drink, but I had certainly been productive.

I had read that the effects of Brainzyme would last for 6 to 8 hours, making me conscious that the benefits may not be with me for much longer. So, I took to editing my article and made a handful of corrections. I find that I can sometimes misspell words if I lose focus, or end up inadvertently duplicating an element of a sentence while writing. As I edited, I noticed that I had made less of these mistakes than normal. I was really satisfied with my productivity and surprised at the lack of errors. I think I made fewer mistakes because I was able to concentrate more as I was writing. My manager was similarly pleased — he had no major corrections or changes to make after I passed it to him for comment.

What did I accomplish with Brainzyme?

Even though I didn’t ‘feel’ anything radically different, Brainzyme certainly helped my work, as it helped me focus and increased my mental energy. I put together an article in just 5 or 5 hours that would usually take me days to write. That would normally necessitate a couple of energy drinks or several strong coffees. Instead, it only took 3 capsules. This lack of perceptible change is a good thing: a large amount of caffeine makes me more productive, but I definitely notice it as I become twitchy and on-edge. It’s not a pleasant feeling, and it’s more distracting than helpful. Nothing of the sort with Brainzyme, it’s much more gentle than I expected while still being very impactful.

The remainder of the day was laid-back. I finished uploading my work and shared it on our social media channels. My last hour or two in the office were used to write plans for future content, edit the occasional item that passed across my desk and take calls. I left work exultant, satisfied with my productivity and still unfatigued. I used my happy energy to exercise before dinner and read for a little while before bed. There weren’t any noticeable after-effects from my Brainzyme experience, and I got to sleep around my usual time. Overall, it was a good and productive day.

Does Brainzyme cause any side effects?

The only thing I noticed was an increased thirst and I definitely drank a lot more water than I normally would. I wouldn’t consider this a massive negative aspect, though, as long as you remember to keep a bottle of water near you when you take these supplements. Staying hydrated is important for your health in general, as we all know.

One thing I noticed reading some Brainzyme reviews, was that people who took the capsules with food didn’t really get any effects from them. Therefore, I’d say it’s very crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to take the capsules to get the best outcome: with loads of water and away from food.

So does Brainzyme actually work? Review conclusion

Long story short — Brainzyme does indeed work. Besides the day I detailed out in this post, I have used the supplement a few more times and I’m well impressed with it.

In my experience, Brainzyme is a really great alternative to a smart drug. I really liked what it did for me because I never felt like I had taken a substance, but at the end of the day, I had achieved more than I normally would.

Furthermore, food supplement cognitive enhancers are safer and legal. There’s frequently a lot of research done on superfoods, herbs and Amino Acids, as they’ve been around for a lot longer than smart drugs, so I’d be much less likely to run into a side-effect nobody’s seen before.

With all this in mind, I’d definitely recommend a supplement like Brainzyme over pharmaceutical nootropics. I hope you enjoyed this Brainzyme review and if you’re interested in the supplements, you can find more reviews and information on their website.

Let me know what your favourite nootropic or supplement is!

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